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Job Performance Systems

Who We Are
Job Performance Systems (JPS) partners with each of our clients to improve mission critical performance and overall results through working faster and smarter. In this era of scarce resources, we maximize our customers' return on investment through improving the way they hire, train, organize, and manage their most valued assets - their people. JPS has been designing, developing, and implementing high quality, innovative solutions since our inception in 1997. Our clients include numerous federal departments, agencies and Fortune 50 companies.

Our core value at JPS is to provide exemplary customer service.  Each customer is unique.  We take the time to listen to each customer and understand their real issues and needs, and then design and develop custom solutions that improve results.

When partnering with JPS you will receive high quality products and services that result in improved bottom-line results.  We look forward to serving you.

Government Contracts Group
Government Contracts Group
Our Government Contracts Group provides state-of-the-art human capital and training solutions. Human Capital (HC) services include:
  • Organizational design and restructuring
  • Organizational development
  • Program evaluation
  • Performance management
  • Competency modeling and job/occupational analysis
  • Strategic and workforce planning

Our training efforts include training needs analysis and the development of technical training.

Global Industrial Group
Global Industrial Group
Our Global Industrial Group provides products and services to achieve Operational Excellence (OE). We provide:
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