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Jpb Performance Systems
Federal Clients JPS Has Served
  • Strategic evaluation for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) to determine how outcome information about Security Cooperation activities are gathered and communicated
  • AM&E effort to determine how DOD and NATO collaborate in providing Security Cooperation to NATO partner nations
World Bank  
  • Administration of an electronic survey in multiple languages to IFC clients around the world to conduct an evaluation of their services
U.S. Navy  
  • Employee selection tests
  • Analysis of detailing process and future oriented job analysis for LCS ships (SBIR award)
  • Analysis of enlistment pipeline
  • Web based training
U.S. Army  
  • Human capital strategy and instructional systems design support for a Security Assistance Enterprise Training Project
  • Job simulation for evaluation of Patriot Missile Launch Operators
  • Strategy to assess jobs skills across all Army MOS (SBIR award)
  • Design of innovative ways to help Soldiers become interculturally competent (SBIR award)
  • Design and development of a training organization
  • Design and development of a complete curriculum
  • Design of a new violence prevention program
  • Review of performance management processes
  • Employee security and information protection audits
  • Analysis of the job of natural gas pipeline controllers and recommendations for screening based upon measures of cognitive ability
  • Job task analysis of Federal and State Pipeline Inspectors
  • Analysis of annual employee survey data
  • Assistance to local agencies in the use of grants to develop effective programs to help gain employment for military veterans
  • Evaluation of local agency’s success in placing veterans in jobs
  • Workplace climate survey
  • Consulting and other services to non-governmental organizations in helping low-wage workers understand their rights
  • Organizational restructuring at the Women’s Bureau
  • Executive coaching for members of ETA
  • Design and develop multi-tiered performance appraisal systems
  • Employee classification study
  • Program evaluation of a national call center and its impact on EEOC manpower needs, operations, and customer service
  • Evaluation of CNCS’s use of its alternative personnel system, diversity program, and differences in perceptions held by minorities compared to non-minorities
  • Organizational restructuring project for the OIG
  • Strategic planning and management consulting to support a monitoring and evaluation program
  • Development of training and technical support for terrorist prevention and export control Development and delivery of software tools designed to enable export control officials to better evaluate and track export transactions
Customs Service  
  • Evaluation of programs and business processes designed to promote voluntary compliance by importers with U.S. import duties and tariffs
  • Results-based performance appraisal process
  • Evaluation of a pay-for performance pilot
  • Development of courses to train flight inspectors
  • Development of competency models
  • Classification and staffing duties
  • Benchmark study of HR centralization
  • Implementation of automated system for employee hiring and entry on duty
  • Impact of NSPS on EEO groups
  • Competency assessments and IDP development
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Development of workload tracking tool
  • Employee on-boarding program
  • Communications and change management plans
  • Development of competency models
  • Diversity plan
  • Succession plan
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Analysis of root causes of low morale
Federal Clients
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