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JPS has designed a variety of innovative e-learning courses that are targeted to the specific audience. This customization involves working very closely with subject matter experts to decide the best approach to meet the specific learning needs and then creating interfaces and interactivity to support the learning objectives.

U. S. Navy, Classification and Survey Branch (N141) – The Navy Applicant Management Information System (NAMIS) project was designed to evaluate and enhance how the Navy screens, trains, and manages recruits assigned to the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). JPS developed online training for recruits using an e-learning avatar (in this case Chief Petty Officer Murdock), who provided engaging and personalized experience to the learners. The e-learning avatar walks the learners through 14 interactive, web-based modules and provides insights along the way.

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) – JPS created a series of e-learning courses including training on electronic timekeeping, financial management, government travel policies and procedures, and financial reporting. JPS also developed a customized learning management system and a learning portal for DOL employees.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – JPS has developed over a dozen e-learning courses for aviation safety inspectors (ASIs). The courses covered the Federal laws, regulations, and policies affecting aviation and technical knowledge and skills required for the operation and maintenance of aircraft.

Customized E-learning
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