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JPS designs and develops performance management systems that are aligned with and cascade from the mission.  This work has included creating policies, sample forms, model performance plans, and employee briefings.  JPS also has developed behaviorally anchored rating scales.

Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) – JPS designed a five tier multi-level performance appraisal system for GS employees, which included three achievement levels and five summary levels.  JPS also revised and updated GS and SES policies, developed handbooks and job aids, and provided employee and supervisor training on the new system.

Corporation for National and Community Service (Corporation) – As part of a broad evaluation of an alternative personnel system, JPS evaluated the Corporation’s performance management system and recommended ways to improve performance standards.  JPS also evaluated the linkage of performance bonuses to rating decisions.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – JPS supported the FAA in developing and implementing a results-based performance management system.  The work by JPS enabled the FAA to track improvement in the quality of their plans over time and evaluate the success of the interventions.


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