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Job Performance Systems
About Us

Job Performance Systems (JPS) is a small business with headquarters in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  JPS has been helping Federal agencies and private industry improve the way they hire, train, organize, and manage their people since our inception in 1997.  For the Government Contracts Group, we employ experienced Ph.D. level industrial/organizational psychologists, HR specialists, management analysts, and instructional designers.  Our Global Industrial Group consultants all have over 25 years of experience in Operations Management, Process Engineering, Process Control, Operator Training, Maintenance and Reliability and Information Systems.

Our Federal clients include the Army, Navy, FAA, NIST, IRS, OPM, and the Departments of Defense, Labor, Transportation, Agriculture, Commerce, State, and Justice.  Our Industrial clients include over 50 top-ranked companies at over 100 locations worldwide in the refining, chemical, pipeline and offshore oil industries.

The Government Contracts Group performs a wide range of projects.  We develop and validate selection tests, assess job performance, develop training, perform work redesign, evaluate safety practices, conduct program evaluations, and complete organizational redesign studies.  Our findings and recommendations often span multiple levels, targeting the individual employee, work groups, and the organization as a whole.  A specialty of ours is conducting research on jobs with unusually high mental or physical demands. For example, our staff has conducted selection research on Air Traffic Controllers for the FAA. We evaluated the selection and training systems used to produce Navy Seals. We are evaluating the unique factors that create a highly challenging and at times stressful environment for Navy Sailors assigned to the new Littoral Combat Ships (LCS). 

The Global Industrial Group is in the business of helping customers achieve Operational Excellence by improving Operator selection and training.  We are well known for our computer-based selection test called COBRA that assesses a candidate’s ability to multi-task, remain vigilant, and stay calm in manning a complex Console Operator position.  In addition, we have experience assessing Operator training needs and developing custom training materials and on-the-job tools.

Our core value at JPS is exemplary customer service.  We recognize that each customer is different.  We take the time to listen to each customer and understand their real issues and needs.

With JPS you can be confident you will receive high quality products and services that result in important bottom-line results.  We look forward to serving you.

Jolene K. Kramer
Dr. Doug Rosenthal
Jolene K. Kramer,
President & CEO

Dr. Doug Rosenthal,
Vice President

About Us
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